“Seek ye the Kingdom of God and everything else will be added unto You.”

The world has changed, the message is changing. But the questions remain.
What really are we called to do? What does it take to be saved? What is our priority in this journey?
Nowadays the message is “give it will be given back unto you…”, God did not mean for us to be poor, He meant for us to live in abundance..,
Is this really the priority or are we lost in our desires?
“seek ye the Kingdom of God first..” what does this really mean?
Should we forget our lives and loose ourselves in His word. Forget everything else and let Jesus be the center of it all? Are we called to forget our lives, families, careers e.t.c and delve into His Kingdom with no other expectation except to be raised with Jesus? He already knows us, our lives, desires and will restore all that we loose in His name. Shouldn’t that me the message then?

Paul, in all his letters gives instruction of how the church should be, how we should conduct ourselves as children of God. He praises the churches for their generosity, giving to the needy brothers. Yes the Levites were not allotted any lands and they fed from the offering. We are commanded to give. For our sakes and for the church. But when we emphasise the return we get from our giving our we following God’s command or investing?

Who is more faithful, the one forgets everything.Seeks the Kingdom of God because He is God. Or the one that gives everything because he believes God will give it back, a good measure pressed down, shaken together? Who of these two pleases God?


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