“For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and yet loose his own soul.”

There is a soul game on marketplace(or used to be) it was a trial game when I tried it. In this game, no skills are needed. Everything is determined by the choices you make. First thing you rank yourself, your strengths and weaknesses. Then the game begins, “Only your soul can change your reality.” Since I’m not a physical person, given my weight and past illnesses my weakness was my body.

First thing i’m tempted to sleep with my boss (devil) for a favor,  because my strength is my brain I decline. Then I get involved in an accident now I’m bed ridden, devils visits me again and makes an offer. It goes on and on, but in the end I die. I found out no matter how I played, I ended up dead. “Some favors are worth more than your soul,” it says.

Morale of it is where the devil is involved there’s no way out. You loose your soul and then you die. When you play into his hand you end up dead, but you choose to suffer( keeping your soul) and die or sell your soul and die.

But what exactly is a soul? What is its purpose?                                                     The Spiritual rational part of man, a vehicle of individual existence. It is the essence of life, if not life itself. The immortal part of our beings.

To me the game reveled how the devil operates. Knowing what I know, The devil is a lair and a master of illusions, I deleted the stupid game.

But something still bothers me, the value of this soul! The devil goes out of his way to collect these souls, God gave His Son for these souls. And what are we doing about it? What value do we place on our own souls? In our daily living, the choices we make? Can it grow? If so how?

I don’t understand why society takes this most important part of their beings for granted. When a person dies, we say their soul has left their body.But what do we do throughout our lives to preserve these souls?

Honestly if we see the evidence of the existence of the devil (given all the evil around), do we need to doubt the presence of God? Isn’t the mere functionality of human beings, the sun, moon, stars, the vast oceans, mountains, trees, fish and animals evidence enough?

What is it about man that he is so stubborn? That we are so blind to essence of our existence?  What is it about man?



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