The battle



We are at battle in a war that has already been won for us, sadly we are suffering casualties. Jesus has won the war on our behalf, but the devil is going all out in his deceptive nature to take us to battle.

In between our ears the battle is born,fought with our spirits in our flesh and lost in the soul. Home ground. The victory in Jesus plus home advantage against the last kicks of a dying horse. What then is bringing the church down? How come some of our brothers & sisters seem to be losing this battle?

Our hormones, and human nature we think we can do it ourselves. We plan, strategise and seek glory. That choice to do it ourselves, is when the battle is lost. In our pride!

The Glory is not ours but God’s. He is saying come to me. Shelter in me, take refuge in me and I will win the battle for you. He is saying give me the Glory i will give you the Victory. Deciding to be righteous to seek our own glory is separating ourselves from God. But without him we are nothing.

A simple thing as giving Him praise, trusting in him. He says just believe. To seek his Kingdom is all we have to do. How much more do we want?

The devil through the various cults and religions demands sacrifices, conformity to rules, he just keeps taking from his followers. Yet we have this MAGNIFICENT GOD, that says worship me, believe in me and i will give you everything. He says cast your burdens unto me. What can be difficult about that?

I say if a man has pride, a reputation to protect then let it be pride in God! Put yourself out there, let the world know you are His and then protect that! Don’t fall back! There are no breaks, the enemy keeps coming.

 This is a different kind of battle, If you mastered the art of war, well you got the wrong plan! Only one winning plan, His Word. This is a different kind of enemy, anywhere outside Jesus is his terraine. And he doesn’t lose in his playground!

When will we wake up? When will we take our stand as children of God? When will we place him first before our methods, before our egos, above everything else.


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