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Challenging questions on religious views.

The battle



We are at battle in a war that has already been won for us, sadly we are suffering casualties. Jesus has won the war on our behalf, but the devil is going all out in his deceptive nature to take us to battle.

In between our ears the battle is born,fought with our spirits in our flesh and lost in the soul. Home ground. The victory in Jesus plus home advantage against the last kicks of a dying horse. What then is bringing the church down? How come some of our brothers & sisters seem to be losing this battle?

Our hormones, and human nature we think we can do it ourselves. We plan, strategise and seek glory. That choice to do it ourselves, is when the battle is lost. In our pride!

The Glory is not ours but God’s. He is saying come to me. Shelter in me, take refuge in me and I will win the battle for you. He is saying give me the Glory i will give you the Victory. Deciding to be righteous to seek our own glory is separating ourselves from God. But without him we are nothing.

A simple thing as giving Him praise, trusting in him. He says just believe. To seek his Kingdom is all we have to do. How much more do we want?

The devil through the various cults and religions demands sacrifices, conformity to rules, he just keeps taking from his followers. Yet we have this MAGNIFICENT GOD, that says worship me, believe in me and i will give you everything. He says cast your burdens unto me. What can be difficult about that?

I say if a man has pride, a reputation to protect then let it be pride in God! Put yourself out there, let the world know you are His and then protect that! Don’t fall back! There are no breaks, the enemy keeps coming.

 This is a different kind of battle, If you mastered the art of war, well you got the wrong plan! Only one winning plan, His Word. This is a different kind of enemy, anywhere outside Jesus is his terraine. And he doesn’t lose in his playground!

When will we wake up? When will we take our stand as children of God? When will we place him first before our methods, before our egos, above everything else.



“For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and yet loose his own soul.”

There is a soul game on marketplace(or used to be) it was a trial game when I tried it. In this game, no skills are needed. Everything is determined by the choices you make. First thing you rank yourself, your strengths and weaknesses. Then the game begins, “Only your soul can change your reality.” Since I’m not a physical person, given my weight and past illnesses my weakness was my body.

First thing i’m tempted to sleep with my boss (devil) for a favor,  because my strength is my brain I decline. Then I get involved in an accident now I’m bed ridden, devils visits me again and makes an offer. It goes on and on, but in the end I die. I found out no matter how I played, I ended up dead. “Some favors are worth more than your soul,” it says.

Morale of it is where the devil is involved there’s no way out. You loose your soul and then you die. When you play into his hand you end up dead, but you choose to suffer( keeping your soul) and die or sell your soul and die.

But what exactly is a soul? What is its purpose?                                                     The Spiritual rational part of man, a vehicle of individual existence. It is the essence of life, if not life itself. The immortal part of our beings.

To me the game reveled how the devil operates. Knowing what I know, The devil is a lair and a master of illusions, I deleted the stupid game.

But something still bothers me, the value of this soul! The devil goes out of his way to collect these souls, God gave His Son for these souls. And what are we doing about it? What value do we place on our own souls? In our daily living, the choices we make? Can it grow? If so how?

I don’t understand why society takes this most important part of their beings for granted. When a person dies, we say their soul has left their body.But what do we do throughout our lives to preserve these souls?

Honestly if we see the evidence of the existence of the devil (given all the evil around), do we need to doubt the presence of God? Isn’t the mere functionality of human beings, the sun, moon, stars, the vast oceans, mountains, trees, fish and animals evidence enough?

What is it about man that he is so stubborn? That we are so blind to essence of our existence?  What is it about man?


My every breath

” Enoch walked with God for , and then he disappeared because God took him away.” (Genesis 5:24)

A man that did not face death, so little is written about him. A descendant of Adam, an ancestor to Noah. So little is written of this man, but this one line is everything. ‘Enoch walked with God.’

I look at the church now, children of God. We seek God, we “go” to God, whatever that means. But this man walked with God.

To me that sums up Christianity!

This man lived for 300 years, for 300 years He walked with God.  300 years, only 4 verses about him. To me the most powerful verses in Genesis.

But what does it mean to walk with God? When you are on a journey with someone, just the two of you that someone is all you have. All that you depend on. You chat, you laugh, throughout the journey this person is everything.

On that journey a stranger becomes a friend and then a brother. A relationship is developed. It is cemented by this journey.

In his journey of life, Enoch walked with God. Can you imagine holding hands and laughing with God. Going fishing or cycling with God. Imagine all the things you want to do with your children, now imagine all the things you wished you could do with your father or mother. Walking life with your parents, first day at school, that sport tournament, or that play you took part in. Imagine your parents telling you they are proud of you, your father giving you a high five, your mother giving you a hug and buying you ice cream even though you came last in that race. Sharing those moments in this walk of life, what an amazing feeling.

Enoch shared these moments with God! God was his Father and Friend! God was his everything, so much God took him to heaven in flesh! I bet he seats on a table with God, How righteous!

Believing God is not just kneeling when you are in need. It is making God the center of you life. It is making God Your Friend. It is staying constantly in prayer. He is always there, right within and without us. If only we could just listen to him. If we could give him a chance to talk. If only we could understand He is the only companion we need in this journey!

If only we could walk with God!


“Seek ye the Kingdom of God and everything else will be added unto You.”

The world has changed, the message is changing. But the questions remain.
What really are we called to do? What does it take to be saved? What is our priority in this journey?
Nowadays the message is “give it will be given back unto you…”, God did not mean for us to be poor, He meant for us to live in abundance..,
Is this really the priority or are we lost in our desires?
“seek ye the Kingdom of God first..” what does this really mean?
Should we forget our lives and loose ourselves in His word. Forget everything else and let Jesus be the center of it all? Are we called to forget our lives, families, careers e.t.c and delve into His Kingdom with no other expectation except to be raised with Jesus? He already knows us, our lives, desires and will restore all that we loose in His name. Shouldn’t that me the message then?

Paul, in all his letters gives instruction of how the church should be, how we should conduct ourselves as children of God. He praises the churches for their generosity, giving to the needy brothers. Yes the Levites were not allotted any lands and they fed from the offering. We are commanded to give. For our sakes and for the church. But when we emphasise the return we get from our giving our we following God’s command or investing?

Who is more faithful, the one forgets everything.Seeks the Kingdom of God because He is God. Or the one that gives everything because he believes God will give it back, a good measure pressed down, shaken together? Who of these two pleases God?